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Luck, Spring 2005

Pioneering postmodernists Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown tell what lessons they've "Learned from Las Vegas," Julian Montague chronicles SOL shopping carts, we get to the art history behind Dogs Playing Poker, and winners of TENbyTEN and Design Within Reach's emerging furniture design contest are revealed. Take a chance on this issue and get lucky.




Fake, Winter 2004

Who goes there, friend or faux? Dally in the fabulousness of fake with the Doyenne of Decoupage and artists Conrad Bakker and John Sparagana.Dodge hoaxes, fakes, and frauds as we go in pursuit of the real thing with artist Dan Peterman, fashion designer Gary Graham, architect Dan Rockhill, and survey Chicago's top eco-friendly furniture designers.




Romance, Fall 2004

Discover one of the great romances of our day, TENbyTEN! Get cozy with renegade architect Carlo Mollino; snuggle up to fashion designers Boudicca and Raf Simons; turn-on with our "quickie guide" to Chicago's sexiest bathrooms; be seduced by "America's #1 Single's Expert" Don Diebel, and much, much more!




CHEAP, Winter 2003

Who you callin' cheap? TENbyTEN, of course! Revel in all things thrifty with an interview with artist Andrea Zittel; the fashion team of Libertine; a photo essay of the cheap thoroughfares of New York's Canal Street and Chicago's Maxwell Street; the craft-based art of Georgina Valverde; Kirsten Hudson's Franchises for the New World; Garofalo Architects' on-the-cheap redesign of TENbyTEN HQ; and a "borrowed" Harper's Bazaar fashion spread.




SPECTACLE, Spring 2003

Guy Debord warned us of the specter of the spectacle, but we still cant seem to get enough. This issue features original art by Marcel Dzama and Bill Smith; the Center for Land Use Interpretation; an interview with Josiah McElheny; Chicago spectacle makers; overlooked architecture; a low rider photo essay; and excessive accessorizing.




HOW TO, Summer 2002

Learn how to make everything. Well, almost everything. Batteries not included. In this issue we feature original artwork by Robert Lentz; Ivan Brunettis guide to drawing cartoons; Paradise by Numbers; instructions on how to make a pair of shoes and turn a box into a table; interviews with Jason Rogenes and SIMPARCH; alternative living spaces; and a how-to guide to fashion.




UTOPIA, Fall 2001

Future perfect. Featuring the art of Ken Fandell, Jan Estep, and Laura Letinsky; interviews with Christian Marclay and Salomón Huerta; (up)rising Chicago designers; architect Ben Nicholson; an informal history of the Church of Craft; textile designer Scott Bodenner; a photo essay of a punk rock nowhere; and Wizard of Oz fashion.




PLASTIC, Winter 2001

If the future is plastic, how flexible are you? In this issue we turn our attention to the art of Robert Blanchon, Cornelia Parker, and Jeff McMillan; interactive designers FLAT; UrbanLab's pneumatic architecture; mobile home design; an interview with artist Portia Munson; and plastic fashion produced by Chicago artists and designers.





When commonality is extraordinary. Featuring articles on Brasília; original artwork by Katy Fischer; VinylVideo's retro-future technology; motels of the Northwest; the ubiquitous head of Jesus; BluDot designs; and laundromat couture.